Flowers of Black

After a very long time of not photo blogging, I found a gem in my twitter DMs. His name is OWOMUSHOZI. He asked why I do not blog anymore and I told him that I am soon getting back on my feet. Then I found another gem called Patience. She looked like I could mine some … Continue reading Flowers of Black

The boats of Ggaba Beach

Over the weekend I went to Ggaba Landing site with a colleague and we were mesmerized by the display of color that the boats lined up with. We decided to take a boat ride by the Lake Victoria and take a few shots here and there. The  focus point is color and patterns.  Enjoy! All … Continue reading The boats of Ggaba Beach

A Natural hair Affair

At the Kinks and Kurls expo, a friend told me that he is familiar with trends that blow across women like a wave. However he was certain that the natural hair trend is genuine. A number of women came together at Maria's place to identify ways in which natural hair enthusiasts can easily keep their hair … Continue reading A Natural hair Affair

Making headlines

Makerere’s Immaculate Nabayunga took home the title of the Best Photography...(campus bee) The best thing that woke my passion up was winning this award. That is when I knew I am capable of making bigger change than sitting around to complain about being broke. At least I know they will remember me even when I retire … Continue reading Making headlines