Love the pineapple, it changes how you taste.

I do not mean eating the pineapple changes how you taste to cannibals but it changes how the Vagina City tastes and smells. Which man does not like a wet, good smelling, slippery vagina? Men who love eating the vagina know that a smelly vagina is a complete turnoff. But the men should not also … Continue reading Love the pineapple, it changes how you taste.



I wonder if every girl out there has ever wondered what they would be like, if they were a boy. Even Beyonce had mixed feelings about being a boy- "she would understand how it feels to love a girl, and she swore she would be a better man." Then again she said, "I'd roll out … Continue reading IF I WERE A BOY

Embracing the marriage proposal culture

By marriage proposal I mean, the man goes down on one knee and pops the question -"will you marry me..." Do men actually still propose to their partners for marriage? In a typical Ugandan society, the answer will be NO.The marriage proposal culture was only adopted from the foreigners commonly known as whites. To them, … Continue reading Embracing the marriage proposal culture