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25 Habits That Will Make You Smarter

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Aim to read one book per week
Want to expand your mind? A little bit of effort every day goes a long way.
In the Quora thread, “What would you do to be a little smarter every single day?”, readers shared the habits they follow to fuel their brains.
Here are some simple actions that could help you become a smarter person.

1. Come up with 10 ideas every day
Think about how to reduce poverty, how to solve a daily problem you have, interesting movie ideas, or anything. It doesn’t matter what subject your ideas fall into, as long as you’re working your brain and your idea muscles. Your list might even lead to a new startup idea or writing subject.

2. Read the newspaper
It will help you become more aware of the important things happening around the word. You’ll learn to form your own opinions and connect…

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