Making headlines

Makerere’s Immaculate Nabayunga took home the title of the Best Photography…(campus bee)

The best thing that woke my passion up was winning this award. That is when I knew I am capable of making bigger change than sitting around to complain about being broke. At least I know they will remember me even when I retire from this photography passion. The question is, what is you passion?

Do you wake up one day and notice you can making a living off your passion? Or you are stuck in the employment cycle you can barely get time for your passion? Here is the deal, give it a single shot. That one shot is going to make a bigger difference than you can imagine. ONE SHOTworked for me and I won myself an award I did not expect my entire life. This ONE SHOT will work for you as well.

You don’t sleep on your passion. You walk with your passion. The next thing you know, you are already making headlines.

Do not give up on your passion.


Immaculate Nabayunga Kikalamu, Photography of the yearimmaculate-nabayunga-makerere-university-photography-category


3 thoughts on “Making headlines

  1. I knew en I still know ur a great photographer but the Award!!!!!!!! I can’t say I saw that coming tho I see you achieving greater things! Best bit of is that u believe in urself! Congz Congz en Good luck. May The KiPencil become bigger.


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