Love the pineapple, it changes how you taste.

I do not mean eating the pineapple changes how you taste to cannibals but it changes how the Vagina City tastes and smells. Which man does not like a wet, good smelling, slippery vagina? Men who love eating the vagina know that a smelly vagina is a complete turnoff. But the men should not also forget that a vagina is supposed to smell like a vagina! No vagina smells like sweets. Every vagina has its own smell depending on the prevailing circumstances, some smell like fresh fish, sea water, fresh baked bread, and others like malt beer. Never to forget that all the smells are determined by your hygiene, what you eat, how much you sweat and your bowl habits.

Back to the pineapple. The effect depends on how often you add fruit to your diet. In short, eating fruit induces body secretions to taste better. And it so happens that both male ejaculate and female vaginal fluids are affected by the amount of pineapple one takes in. It does not matter whether the pineapple is fresh, canned or juiced. However it is better you eat the really ripe and juicy one to avoid bruising your tongue with too much citric acid from the raw ones.The results can however be evident after eating pineapple for a couple of days. Personally, after eating pineapple for about 4 days, I could feel the vaginal juices drip in my panties. Similarly, the juices smelled realistically better.
Also adopt a habit of drinking lots of water to complement the fruit diet. The more water you drink, the more dirt you excrete out of your body. Drinking yogurt is also important. Yogurt is rich in healthful bacteria that help in balancing the bacteria in your vagina. There are other fruits that are also believed to be aphrodisiacs for example the cranberries.

For women who smoke and take lots of alcohol, I bet you know that your vagina is likely to smell like an ashtray and taste like stale food.
Also do not;

  • douche, as it might eliminate or disrupt the balance of the important bacteria in your vagina which puts you at risks of contacting yeast infections
  • wash with scented soaps or spray perfume to your vagina because they cause pH imbalance (Some women may ignorantly do this to make their vaginas smell better) and also reduce coffee in take because it contains caffeine which contributes to vaginal dryness.

Regularly check your vagina for any changes. Remember the vagina is self-cleansing so you will occasionally find a white-creamish fluid in your panties sometimes. You can also insert a middle finger in your vagina to and smell on it. If it smells foreign, you contact your gynecologist. Men, you must know what your woman’s vagina looks like when it is in perfect shape so that you can tell her if you have seen something unusual on it.


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