Just Asking

Learning something new takes several simple steps of which asking is one. Several times when I  normally ask about something , I obviously want to know about it. However, there is a number of people you inquire from and they are likely to belittle you. Personally I consider that as the utmost setback in any environment where people are willing to learn. Well, that aside, you always learn something new everyday. How do you get to know about that something? Do you think someone can possibly ask you about something they do not want to know about? Do you know how much courage it takes someone to accept that they do not know something and they need to ask someone else?

It is important to ask about anything first before you jump to conclusions too. Some people fear to expose their ignorance about something but it saves you more embarrassment when you ask

When people approach you for clarity, you should rather be pleased that they think you are a source of information. Correcting someone encourages them to approach you more

Do you know why  teachers sometimes award slightly more marks to the non talented students? Do you know why teachers have comments like “promising, improve….etc”? . because they need to encourage their students. All I am saying is that do not be the wiseacre that shuts people down whenever they ask for clarity


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