Internship experience challenging my expectations
The excitement of doing internship at Ultimate Multimedia Consult for the very first time got me thinking about a number of things that would possibly happen while I am at work. One of them was being treated unfairly by the workers that I would find at the place of work but to my surprise, workmates are really friendly and approachable. On the first day, I arrived a bit late because of unavoidable circumstances like traffic jam and the far away distance of my home from the work place. However, the workmates were still friendly and emphasized how helpful they are going to be during the whole internship process.
‘’We are all willing to help you in any field where you might need clarity and help.’’ Antonio Kisembo the training manager said. ‘’I also expect maximum cooperation from all of you to ease the whole process” Kisembo added
The requirements for the internship are quite affordable. Kisembo specified for us that owning a laptop is important because it is crucial for us to practice while we are being trained. The environment is was also very friendly as I was impressed that they offer us free drinking water and tea for those who want
I expected to find more interns from Makerere University but to my surprise, the bigger number is from Kampala International University. Nevertheless, my fellow interns are quite cooperative and ready to learn as I am. I am still excited to learn new real life work experiences and to challenge my pre- expectations to the end of the field attachment program.


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