Beard (noun) – a growth of hair on the chin and lower cheeks of a man’s face

DO NOT CUT THE BEARD – I run by this motto

Men having facial hair is simply because they tend to be more hairy than women. People(women)  have talked about beards time again- the attractive and scary ones, but to keep a beard still remains the man’s choice. Some men wear their beards to make them look more sexually attractive.Every man has a reason as to why they keep or do not keep a beard. Some men simply think they do not look attractive with beards and others are simply not blessed with the facial hair.

“My kind of work environment cannot allow me to grow a beard.” Muwonge Adolf , a young accountant said. ” I also do not have much time to keep on trimming beards and keep them kempt.”Adolf added

The big average thick beard is back with a touch of vengeance, and both women and men can judge that heavy stubble and full beards more attractive.

Personally, I think a man with a beard is attractive and looks more masculine. Men too know that they automatically look so much younger immediately after cutting off the beard. Similarly, a well trimmed beard is more attractive than one which grows out wildly. Hopefully, a man who grows a beard trims and shapes it every time they trim their hair. Other mean complain that when they cut beards, they grow bumps. Well i guess it is more reason to keep them and cover up (do away with) the skin bumps. In short, not shaving reduces acne flare-ups. Not shaving also gives you more time to do more important things on your schedule other than shaving (insert smiley face)

By just having a beard, people tend to take you more seriously.

The beard, apart from sexual attractiveness, is as helpful as the hairs in a man’s nose.  A beard keeps you warm around your throat area, especially for the asthmatic fellas. Similar to the prevention of throat disease, beards provide another barrier between your body and toxic exposures. And so it happens, whichever man that starts growing a beard, should not look back to a hairless face.



12 thoughts on “BEARDS

  1. I agree (and disagree) completely and also…the debate squares up in all aspects because it is completely subjective. Even if one was to cite biological reasons for and against keeping a beard, the debate remains subjective.

    *good read


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