I love photography. Do you?


Dear photography lovers ,you’re mainly here to enjoy some of my photos. You are welcome

During a certain photo exhibition, I had a chance to experience a new style of photography  at Magaret Trowell, School of Industrial and Fine Arts, historical photographers.  Ramanzi Canon, Luuk van den Berg( Dutch photographer) and Elsadig Mohamed (Sudanese photographer) exhibited their photographs.

The theme was CITY REMIXING “A history in Progress Uganda exhibition. Showcasing images of Kampala made through time”.

Blurred images, a rather disturbing style of photography was embraced by Elsadig Mohamed (as seen below a tourist viewing a blurred photo)


There was also exhibition of a book titled “UHURU , Minor accidents” by Eng M.W Wambwa. ENG . Wambwa made color slides of Kampala around independence. He is also one of the first western trained Ugandan engineers.

My main part however is how visitors admired this kind of new style employed by Elsadig Mohamed and Ramanzi Canon.

Enjoy my gallerygallery 4

gallery 3

gallery 6

gallery 7







Photos by Me (kikalamu Nabayunga Immaculate)


8 thoughts on “I love photography. Do you?

  1. First and foremost to answer the question in your title, yes I do!
    Well done on representing on the event and sharing your experience here, I love the pieces and the way you captured them. cool stuff and cool article.
    A memo or an invite for such events wouldn’t be bad for me *winks*
    Lastly can I call you Immy?

    Liked by 1 person

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