I wonder if every girl out there has ever wondered what they would be like, if they were a boy.

Even Beyonce had mixed feelings about being a boy- “she would understand how it feels to love a girl, and she swore she would be a better man.” Then again she said, “I’d roll out of bed in the morning, and throw on what I wanted and go, drink beer with the guys and chase after girls.”

Well, away from Beyonce’s world, I am a 5’3” with an average small body therefore if I were a boy I would be a short skinny boy . The girls do not like the short men and the short men like the tall women. Maybe i would also be affected by the same stereotype that short men are stingy, protectively jealous and are not liked by many women. Maybe I would blind my ears to such stereotypes and aggressively approach the woman of my interest regardless of her height and size.

If I were a boy, I would also be broke consideringย  the recent standards the girls of this era have set. My monthly payments may amount to about 4oo,000/=ย  yet an average girl with a stinging standard can squander that my salary in a period of a thirty minute lunch date.

Kissing a tall man is a lovely idea for a short woman like me but if I were a boy,I would tiptoe to kiss a lady taller than me, which is an epic sight. I imagined if I were a short boy, my woman would end up carrying me instead of me carrying her. What a double epic sight! However I am dark skinned and according to my research, many girls like (Ebony) dark skinned men. Yes, I would work my muscles out to gain the popular six packs and yes I would be a short dark skinned man with a six pack. And if there was any way to choose the size of my member in my trousers, I would gladly choose an average 6 inch mahogany!

In another world though, I would be a single and ready to invest my monthly salary into something more constructive projects other than dating and relationships.I would stay in my “lanes”as a short broke man and go out to have a few drinks everyday. seriously, I would make sure i do not fall for any traps from the girls with standards above mine. Maybe I would also have a beautiful tall girlfriend who is not friends with setting standards. Maybe she would love me for who I am regardless of my height, size and financial status.

If I were a boy!


20 thoughts on “IF I WERE A BOY

  1. I am a regular not so tall guy with a six pack (used to be 8 but haven’t recovered from Christmas festivities and she is high maintenance, tall and loves high heels …. all the good things in life are just hard to reach ….
    P.S. Does a couple of sit ups looks at abs *sighs*

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  2. Lol… Well I’m glad you’re not one coz you’d be some competition ( the short funny but cool guy that bae likes hanging out with) & that’s not healthy


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