Should Be A Reader

Joel Jemba

Book reports are no fun, usually. After all, you have to read a book that’s a bazillion pages long about somebody who lived a long time ago and said things like “I wot not what wot I thought I wot.” And the whole time you’re reading, you’re saying, “Huh?”  No wonder why people resort to watching movie adapted from books, in that way they don’t have to read the long boring book, right? Wrong. That may sound like a good idea, but the problem is that if you do a book report on movie, you’re putting a lie on paper! And movies based on books always skip a lot of stuff!

Source: Internet images. Source: Internet images.

I have read a couple of books and then watched movies based on them, but at the end of every kind of these movies I feel sad and cheated. Quick examples “The Fault In Our Stars”…

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