Embracing the marriage proposal culture

By marriage proposal I mean, the man goes down on one knee and pops the question -“will you marry me…” Do men actually still propose to their partners for marriage?

In a typical Ugandan society, the answer will be NO.The marriage proposal culture was only adopted from the foreigners commonly known as whites. To them, it is perfectly okay for the woman to propose to the man .


Over time, natives also took on the same culture since it was a formal and lovely way of hopping into a decent marriage. Yes, a decent marriage proposal is very impressive especially to the woman. It shows how much the gentleman is willing to take the relationship to the next level.Ā wpid-wp-1441810203216.jpeg

However, in a typical Ugandan society, many couples have taken their relationships to the next level without going through marriage proposals. Many couples have resorted to cohabiting and have had children thereafter.This is so because a marriage proposal would call for an actual wedding, which is rather a pressure in the relationship . Therefore if a woman has already tasted the supposed marriage life, a marriage proposal wouldn’t come as a special treat..

“The only way I can propose to a woman is by bedding her. ” a colleague once told me

This is 100% true. The ideal marriage proposal to many men would be through conjugal action. Simply bed the lady and later on visit her parents for a proper introduction. Others consider this culture of going down to one knee as out dated.

In most cases, couples nowadays get married to each other after they have had a number of children, a marriage they only invest in for the sake of societal demands. In other cases, the gentleman doesn’t expect a woman he has had children with to decline a marriage proposal , in whichever format it comes.Ā 

The engagement ring, one item that symbolizes a formal engagement, is overlooked by many. Personally, I wouldn’t take it serious if I saw a lady wearing an engagement ring on her finger. This is so as many ladies wear these rings for fun. Not until you inform someone that you’re engaged, it is only then they’ll notice the ring on your finger.Ā 



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